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Convert Outlook PST to MBOX in Snow Leopard

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Here are the steps that I tried successfully on Snow Leopard:

  1. Download libpst source from http://www.five-ten-sg.com/libpst/packages/. Extract it in ~/Downloads directory.
  2. Download boost source from http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost/. (will be downloaded to ~/Downloads directory by default)
  3. Open Terminal and run following commands: (replace X_XX_X and x.x.xx with the version of boost and libpst that you’ve downloaded):
    $su - root
    #cd /usr/local
    #tar --bzip2 -xf ~/Downloads/boost_X_XX_X.tar.bz2
    #cd  /usr/local/boost_X_XX_X
    #./bootstrap.sh --prefix=/usr/local/
    #./bjam install
    #cd  ~/Downloads/libpst-x.x.xx
    #make install
  4. Run this command on terminal – in the directory you want the MBOX created
  5. $readpst -r /path/pstfile.pst
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