Managed Services

SWAT provides a range of managed services tailored to their clients needs. Typically these are retained services but, also include project / duration specific retained services for shorter periods of time (e.g. client portal content migration initiatives).

The provision of the appropriate team skills, training, supporting tools and process integration ensure that any transition is seamless and the managed services act as an extension to our client’s in house teams. SWAT’s flexibility ensures that our managed services are scalable and agile.

SWAT provide retained services supporting the web publishing, and collateral management of multi-national’s internal / business partner portals and customer facing sites. The services also support eMarketing demand generation / nurturing campaign needs (mail shots, banners / touts and micro sites).

SWAT's winning mix of people, process, tools and skills act as an agile extension to their client's Marketing and Sales teams - keeping their web presence up to date and any campaign demand generation / nurturing media is available on demand.

  • Content publishing via enterprise content management systems and ad-hoc web development.
  • Content publishing for all web channels - Country sites, Intranets and Extranets.
  • Adherence to client web standards and guidelines.
  • Single point of contact for all in-country business representatives.
  • On-demand scaling of resources
  • Seamless publishing process covering all web channels, geographies, languages and tools
  • Web support to all event and campaign related activities
  • Seamlessly embed into the client's web publishing process and third other party agencies and design shops, etc.
  • Alignment with Marketing schedules and goals.
  • Transparency of usage - Up to the minute visibility of resource utilization
SWAT provide their clients unique configured instances of SWAT’s solution for submitting, managing and tracking Publishing requests as well as providing management detail in terms of utilisition, ticket volume, delivery times, review iterations, etc.
SWAT provide data management services to support local, regional and global demand generation / nurturing needs for our multi-national clients. Utilising client data sources SWAT’s data management service incorporate:
  • Segmentation
  • Analysis and matching
  • Improved of data
  • Data cleansing and de-duping
  • Data augmentation (imports, transformations and updates)
  • Import of new contacts
  • Proactive data source identification and segment identification
  • On-demand scaling of resources
  • Transparency of usage - Up to the minute visibility of resource utilization
Uniquely configured instances of SWAT’s solution enable data management service requesters to track and manage their requests as well as providing a collaborative environment for multiple Field Marketing managers across multiple countries to align on centralised campaign data needs as well as manage their own specific local data service requests.
SWAT offer maintenance and support services for the custom solutions developed by SWAT but, also third party systems.
  • Full integration with client ticketing, SLA, Change Management and Programme Office practices
  • Dual shore model (UK point of contact, India based development team)
  • On-demand scaling of resources
  • Transparency of usage - Up to the minute visibility of resource utilization and forecast
  • Reference SWAT’s ticketing system (once ready) – plus link to demo log in.
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